Our History

25 Years of Perfection

"I am personally proud to have worked with such passionate and professional people to bring this vision into reality; from working with the supreme gentleman, Art Hills, to our contractors, H&D and Furess, and our Boyne team led by Blake Woodward.

Our vision for Bay Harbor Golf Club was to create the Pebble Beach of the midwest and to a large extent Boyne was successful. The opportunity to develop a spectacularly diverse golf experience along three miles of Lake Michigan coastline was a once in a lifetime moment for all of us.

The energy was palpable - we were creating something for the ages.

Looking back on this milestone brings back many very positive memories and great personal satisfaction for all of us. The challenges of working a route through the former abandoned cement plant and balancing design with the real estate development needs were certainly monumental. But we struck a balance and created a golf experience like no other. At the time, the Links course was the most expensive nine hole course ever built, but the end result was worth every penny, the course looks like it was always meant to be there. A testimony to the skill and commitment of the team involved.

Having three distinct nine hole experiences separates Bay Harbor Golf Club from any other 27 hole facility in the country and in the decades ahead will prove to be one of its biggest assets."

Stephen Kircher
Boyne Resorts Eastern Operations

About Bay Harbor Golf Club

Drawing inspiration from majestic Lake Michigan, Bay Harbor Golf Club was designed to prepare you for an experience you'll never forget.

Fondly referred to as "The Pebble Beach of the Midwest" your first connection toLake Michigan appears along the 1.7 mile journey down Coastal Ridge Drive. In fact, Coastal Ridge Drive was named in honor of Pebble Beach's famed 17 Mile Drive.

Upon your arrival you will notice many nautical themed elements are brought in to play around the Clubhouse and golf courses. Rather than using traditional flags on The Links, Quarry, and Preserve course, the burgee (a triangular flag flown from the mast of a ship for identification) was chosen to represent Bay Harbor Golf Club along with the traditional nautical colors of red, blue,and yellow. Each of the starbursts represents a course.

By pure coincidence a reproduction print from the late 40s or early 50s was found in a gallery depicting three golfers, each wearing red, yellow, and blue, standing along a coastal course and found a home in The Links Grille. Clearly a sign, this was meant to be.

The Clubhouse becomes a focal point standing mid-way between The Quarry's finishing hole and beginning of The Links. It was evident early on the Clubhouse would be built upon the bluff overlooking the lake to again emphasize the natural beauty of Bay Harbor Golf Club.

The Links, Quarry, and Preserve were designed to be three very different courses that could be combined into one seamless experience. The design and quality are consistent but the play and "flavor" of each course is unique. Lake Michigan was also a major influence in the design of Bay Harbor Golf Club and each course has at least one stunning view of the bay along the course play. The lake even becomes a factor in your game because the wind can be unpredictable and adds a little extra challenge.


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