Culinary Delights

Whether you're looking to experience fine dining, local cuisine, a picnic on the beach, or something fresh from the garden to your table, northern Michigan takes great pride in its culinary community.

Bon Appetite!

Northern Michigan has become a top-quality dining with authentic culinary experiences, cooking classes, and demonstrations. Enjoy inventive menus, quirky cafes, farm-to-table, and fine dining.

Farm Fresh

The growing season in Michigan is ideal for producing some of the tastiest produce around. From roadside stands, to centennial farms and over-flowing farm markets, exploring and sampling food fresh from the garden is always a delightful adventure.

Local Farms and Markets

Food Festivals

Festivals highlighting local flavors are something you won't want to miss during your visit. From the first hunt for morel mushrooms to apples plucked fresh from the tree, see why northern Michigan celebrates food!

Food Festivals